About us

despre-noiCIA Aboliv is the bigger and modern meat foods factory from Cluj county.

Using the opportunity of SAPARD program, in 2005 we submit a request of finance for a project consisted on a new facility for manufacturing meat products placed in another location of Mihai Viteazu.

In October 2006, the new plant was opened meeting the requirements of UE standards, with a capacity of 30 tones products / day. In 2006 was improved the technological flow with performant equipments and was enlarged the personnel team. Now our company team is around 200 employee

In 2007 we were certified according HACCP and ISO9001:2000 standards being submitted also the Veterinary Authorization for intracommunity exchanges.

Since 2016 it has implemented IFS quality management system.

In present we produce above 200 types of meat products under two well known brands: BRIO and APETIT. The quality of our products makes us a competitor in the retail supermarket stores and in the classical market.

Production capacity has increased to approx. 45 t / day, they have created new jobs, at present the company with 350 employees and a turnover of approximately 15 million euro.