Company C.I.A. ABOLIV was founded in 1992, having as main activity animal slaughter and meat food production. The location terrain was auctioned by the general manager, Mr. Bogdan Ilie Daniel in 1990-1992 from the former C.A.P. Mihai Viteazu.

At the beginning, we produced around 500 kg of meat foods, distributed in a small area, Turda – Campia Turzii and within two own stores. The slaughter house processed 5 cows and 20 pigs.

The production capacity gradually increased and the dimensions of the facility were inappropriate so in 1996 was built a new plant with production areas and refrigerating warehouses spaces and also administrative offices at upper floor.
In 1996 we begin to improve our facility equipments with new technology and modern ones in food industry (Vemag boiling-fumigation cell, K+G Vetter cutter, Vemag filling machines, Poly-Clip, tumblers, injected machines and so on).
Within this large space and using new machines, the production capacity highly increased reaching 14-15 t of all types of meat products in 2005. Also the market was much extended

In 2005 we faced another under capacity problem for production and UE standards. Then was appropriate to decide to open another location plant following the objectives of developing settled by the management team. In those conditions the SAPARD program seems to be the perfect opportunity to meet our goals. Thus in 2005 was submitted a request for finance to build a new plant in another location of Mihai Viteazu.

In October 2006 was opened the new plant according UE standards with a capacity of 30 t/day and a team of above 200 employees.

In 2007 we get the certification according HACCP and ISO9001:2000 standards being submitted also the Veterinary Authorization for intracommunity exchanges.

In present we produce more than 200 types of meat products under 2 known brands : BRIO and APETIT with a quality that allow us to enter supermarket stores.