Brio Store Campia Turzii

Taste Transylvanian arrived at the Campia Turzii directly from the manufacturer! It opened a shop Brio!
CIA Society Aboliv Michael the Brave this week inaugurated its first store BRIO in Campia Turzii, where you can buy fresh produce and meat mezelurii, the producer price, brought directly from the larger and more modern meat factory in Cluj County, located in the commune of Michael the Brave.
The store is located in downtown (str.Laminoristilor), on the ground floor of a building with several floors, located across the street from Caffe Essenza / Taxation Service. Store schedule is Monday to Friday between 7.30-20.00, Saturday from 7.30 to 14.00, Sunday is closed.
Store opening comes as the company producing meat inaugurated not long ago, a similar shop in the central market in Turda, who enjoy a variety of customers, in terms of the quality / price ratio is very good.
Indeed, first impressions are favorable and Campia Turzii:
“I’m glad opened because it sees it’s well stocked, fresh products brought directly from the manufacturer, and prices are also good, given that the products are really good and quality. We took more Brio often produced by store market in Turda, when I used to go there and say that I liked. Therefore I am glad to open a shop of this kind and Campia Turzii, as there was no way I often go to Turda. It’s a well-arranged store, and I think this says a lot and Manufacturer “declared Maria Crisan, one of the store’s clientele, the opening day.
“We provide supply several times a day to ensure freshness. Also, those interested have the opportunity to buy fresh sites and sandwich, made with bread baked fresh in store ‘representatives have stated our store.

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