Our company is based on the following fundamental values: caring for people, responsibility, innovation, tradition and quality. We offer a diverse range of food, safe and fresh, and we are proud of the close relationship we have with our customers, with you, based on these principles that define us.

In order to guarantee the safety and continuity of our production activities, we applied a series of additional measures and implemented the recommendations of the Ministry of Health for the management of the hygienic-sanitary risk, as well as a set of additional measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Since the very first case of COVID-19 infection in Romania, we have activated a crisis team, responsible for the implementation and monitorization of protection and prevention measures against COVID-19.

The set of measures was implemented immediately in all work points and covers both staff activities and the entire food chain of our products, starting from the receipt of raw materials and ingredients, continuing throughout the production flow and ending with the distribution process.

Thus, the action plan consists of, while not limited to, the following actions:

- Daily monitorization of the temperature of the operational staff in the production halls / logistics warehouses / access points.

- Installation of dispensers with alcohol-based disinfectants (min. 60%) in all common areas (access areas, administrative areas, dining areas) and in all work points.

- Introduction of additional disinfection and access control filters inside the company:

a) application of hand disinfection operations with alcohol-based disinfectant solution (min. 60%);

b) body temperature measurement with 830 T1 infrared thermometers - the value of the temperature and the control limit being of maximum 37.3 C.

- Introducing the working modalities regarding the washing / disinfection operations in accordance with the requirements issued by the Ministry of Health and displaying them in all common spaces, in visible areas.

- Reorganization of the employees' work schedule, so that the presence at the company's headquarters and work points is reduced to a minimum, while carrying out from home all the activities that do not require a mandatory physical presence at the company's headquarters. The number of employees present at the same time in the building was also reduced.

- For employees whose presence at our premises is indispensable, means of transport have been made available, as to avoid travel by public transport. Also, the means of transport are disinfected after each route performed, and wearing a mask is mandatory while traveling;

- All employees of the company are trained and verified to comply with and promote appropriate preventive measures, starting with the hygienic-sanitary ones included in the specific work procedures and instructions.

- Employees have signed the declarations on their own responsibility regarding the movement in the last 14 days in areas where there were people suffering from COVID-19, coming into direct contact with suspects or suffering with COVID-19 or with people who are suspected of acute respiratory infections at work, in proximity of the home or visiting medical units in the last 14 days.

- In the production, storage and administrative spaces, a distance between people of at least 1 meter is maintained, in order to minimize possible contacts along the production line.

- The operational-productive staff is equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment, including work equipment, disposable aprons, protective footwear, gloves, masks. Special delegated staff shall monitor compliance with special solution hand sanitization measures, proper wearing of work equipment, frequency of changing masks and gloves.

- Close interpersonal contacts, including in locker rooms, dining areas, or between employees of different departments, are avoided so that the possible positivity of a person with Sars - Cov2 virus would not be able to cause consequences in other departments.

a) In this regard, access shifts were carried out in the workspaces, as well as in the common dining areas for the teams of employees of the different departments.

b) In the production halls, the activity on the night shift was limited to a maximum, prioritizing only the processes that require continuity, so that the presence of the personnel inside the factory is reduced to a minimum.

- Measures to prevent contamination and control of spaces, surfaces, equipment aim at:

a) ventilation of all work spaces, annexes, locker rooms, bathrooms, canteen;

b) intensification of the frequency of postoperative disinfection operations - with disinfectant based on compounds with strong virucidal and antibacterial action and with a wide spectrum of action;

c) carrying out additional disinfection operations, with fog guns, by specialized companies, in the locker rooms, filter, toilets, technological halls and canteen / dining room;

d) disinfection of all railings and handles with alcohol-based disinfectant solution (min. 60%), every 3 hours;

e) disinfection of the means of transport (support bars, door handles, benches) with alcohol-based disinfectant solution (min 60%), after carrying out each transport of the personnel to the factory;

f) intensifying the frequency of changing the filters on the production spaces equipped with air treatment plants or specific purification filters;

g) intensification of the sampling frequency of the classical sanitation tests of the surfaces, work equipment and microaeroflora.

- On a permanent basis, human and financial resources are allocated for equipping bathrooms with soap / disinfectant and paper towels and maintaining stocks of masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, equipment disinfectants, disinfectants for transport machines and the workspace.

- Regarding the access to the unit by foreigners, this has been kept to a minimum. If the presence of outsiders in the unit is urgently required, they pass through a disinfection filter specially designed for access to the premises of the unit. Under the guidance of security guards, the following operations are performed:

a) application of hand disinfection operations with alcohol-based disinfectant solution (min 60%);

b) body temperature measurement with 830 T1 infrared thermometers - the temperature value and the control limit being max. 37.5 C;

c) statement on their own responsibility that they are not aware that they have come into contact with persons affected by COVID -19 or who come from areas contaminated with it.

- With regard to prevention and protection measures for carriers of suppliers of raw materials, ingredients and carriers of customers, the following rules have been imposed:

a) Prohibiting the access of drivers and suppliers' representatives inside the storage / loading platform and limiting their access to administrative spaces;

b) The drivers or the representatives of the suppliers will be subject to the control performed by the representatives of the company;

c) Limiting the descent from the means of transport of drivers (they are coordinated to the loading ramps, park in specially arranged places in warehouses). The platforms have the necessary capacity to ensure the parking and safety of visitors and goods transported, in quality conditions. If loading / unloading requires leaving the means of transport, the safety measure of keeping the distance of one meter between people shall be added;

d) The representatives of our company take over the transport documents, where necessary, wearing appropriate protective equipment, gloves and a protective mask, keeping a distance of at least 1 meter from the external representatives and disinfecting their hands after handling them.

- With regard to ensuring the continuity of the distribution chain, the additional disinfection of the means of transport in which our products are to be transported is permanently ensured.

- Before leaving for delivery, drivers are provided with protective gloves and masks. All products / staples / boxes are handled with protective gloves.

- Delivery drivers limit to a minimum the number of people they have contact with during the distribution of products and have the obligation to wear protective masks, both for their protection and that of our customers. They will keep a distance of at least 1.5 m from the people they come in contact with.

- At the company level, measures have been taken to vaccinate the staff employed against the spread of COVID-19, and so far, 75% of employees have carried out both the first dose of vaccine and the booster.

- The plan of measures is constantly updated, depending on the evolution of the situation at a national and international level.

- In order to guarantee the continuity of the company's production, logistics and transport activity, in the case there are suspicions of infection, or the infection of a person within our team is confirmed, we have implemented a series of work instructions on the measures that can be applied for the persons positively identified with COVID-19, as well as for those who have interacted with the infected persons:

a) If a member of our society is diagnosed with COVID-19, the Directorate of Public Health (DPH), the authority able to provide information on the best measures to prevent and limit Coronavirus infection, will be informed immediately.

b) The DPH is the only authority that can conduct the epidemiological investigation and can provide measures to prevent and protect employees. c) Training of the staff within SC CIA-ABOLIV SRL: Production halls, logistic warehouses, administrative, regarding the working instructions and the measures that can be applied in the case of the people found positive.

d) Productive back-up personnel is provided in order to guarantee the continuity of production and logistical activities, if cases of infected persons are registered.