Chicken breast meat 60%, poultry skin, water, salt, spices, spice extract, dietary fiber, animal protein from MILK, animal pork protein, gelatinizing agents: carrageenan; gum guar; Country gum, sugars, flavors, stabilizers: di-triphosphates, antioxidant erysorbic acid, carmine dye, sodium nitrite preservative.

Nutritional statement / 100g product: Energy value 760kj / 183 kcal, Fat 14.9g; of which 4.9g saturated fatty acids; Carbohydrates 0.8g, of which sugars 0.6g; Protein 11.7g; Salt 2g. Boiled product. Inedible artificial membrane.

Storage conditions: +2 ... + 8 ° C | Weight: /Kg.