Travelling to Mongolia

May 8, 2021
Environmental agreement for the project “Increasing the capacity of the integrated food chain”
May 8, 2021

We are three programmers, me (Lorand), Lucian and Liviu, and we really like adventure. Liviu and I recently resigned so that we could focus more on this.

We are about to leave on July 18, sponsored by SC CIA ABOLIV SRL, in a daring trip to Mongolia, aboard a Dacia Logan car. On the route on this map, we will start in the south, crossing Turkey, Iran, the countries with STAN, all the way to Ulan Bataar, Mongolia, and from there back home through Siberia, up to St. Petersburg, going back down through the Baltic countries until we eventually reach Cluj.

We will cross 17 countries in 67 days and cover around 26,000 km.

All three of us are passionate about adventures, and travelled through countries such as Vietnam, Peru, Brazil, Iceland, Morocco, Vietnam, or even through our country on motorcycles in 2014. See the video here.

During the trip we will write on our Facebook page and on our blog,the platforms on which we will try to discuss about the adventures we will go through for those who are interested.

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