We are the sponsor of AHC PotaissaTurda team

May 8, 2021
Environmental agreement for the project “Increasing the capacity of the integrated food chain”
May 8, 2021

We support sports performance and encourage the men’s handball champion team of Turda, AHC PotaissaTurda. Under our slogan, the Transylvanian taste of victory, we support this team that has achieved some extraordinary performances in recent years, a team that has become a nursery of good players for Romanian handball.

Sport means health, and health for us is the most important in our entire activity. CIA ABOLIV’s involvement in the community is significant and we will continue to fund projects that we believe in and that add value to our community.

AHC Potaissa Turda is the only sports team in Cluj County that managed to bring home a European trophy, winning in 2018 the Challenge Cup, which represented the first success on this level in the history of Cluj County, while constantly ranking among the top three in the national league.

At the AHC Potaissa Turda club, children are also in training, the club having several hundred young people passionate about handball, which are being prepared for future performance.

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